Power generation technology and economics

This thread will host a technical discussion on nuclear technology and economics, including alternatives to light water reactors.

2 thoughts on “Power generation technology and economics”

  1. A comment I recieved: “If we just spend the money on solar, wind, and energy storage, we’ll be able to
    decarbonize the grid much sooner compared with trying to do it with next-gen nuclear.
    If reducing emissions is the goal, nuclear may play a role eventually, but it’s not the right
    priority now…”

  2. A cooment that I received:

    I wish I were as optimistic as you are on the future of fission. I think with the exception of China, this is a dead issue.

    I would place my bet on the fusion project at MIT, will probably be on line by 2030. Really
    impressive. The need to raise another $500M, but they’ll get there.

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