The Gold Standard and ALARA

Discussion of the current nuclear regulatory regime and possible aternatives should take place on this thread. Examples of counter-productive rules or practices are solicited.

4 thoughts on “The Gold Standard and ALARA”

  1. A comment that I recieved:
    I want to mention a problem which may be described in the book,
    maybe not. That problem is the incredible negligence of the electric utilities in California.

    They can’t, or won’t, even do much to keep their high-voltage lines from starting fires all over
    the state. And this has been going on for a long time.

    I don’t see how the public’s view of their incompetence and disinterest in safety will support
    moving to nuclear power. At least not until there is a long period of much better performance.

    If they can’t prevent fires, no one is going to be willing to give them reactors.

  2. A cooment that I received:

    The regulatory issue with water cooled reactors is that they do have catastrophic accident
    sequences if significant fuel damage occurs, since zirconium clad reacts exothermically with steam,
    cesium and iodine take volatile chemical forms in steam, and under accident conditions one has high
    pressure and large amounts of hydrogen, so the accident sequences can and have released large
    fractions of these fission product inventories into the environment. So there’s a reason why
    regulatory requirements have ratchetted.

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