Draft Compensation Pamphlets

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This is a draft of the package which will be sent to everybody living within 35 kilometers of each nuclear plant under Underwriter Certification.

The package includes:

1) a cover letter,

2) a pamphlet with instructions for what to do in a release
and an explanation of the compensation package,

3) a pamphlet explaining radiation for those who want to learn more
about radiation damage and our bodies' ability to repair that damage.

Comments solicited.

2 thoughts on “Draft Compensation Pamphlets”

  1. verheys

    Great start, but too long and much too hard to read. Here is a free readability checker: https://www.lumoslearning.com/llwp/free-readability-checker-online.html .
    Here is the analysis for the first page:
    Readability Grade Levels:
    Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 10.0
    Gunning Fog Index 12.2
    Coleman-Liau Index 10.7
    SMOG Index 12.3
    Automated Readability Index 7.8
    FORCAST Grade Level 11.5
    Powers Sumner Kearl Grade 6.0
    Rix Readability 9
    Raygor Readability 0
    Fry Readability 0
    Readability Scores:
    Readable Rating B
    Flesch Reading Ease 44.1
    CEFR Level C2
    IELTS Level 8+
    Spache Score 4.0
    New Dale-Chall Score 6.1
    Lix Readability 45
    Lensear Write 73.6

  2. Marcia Young

    I am a retired biochemist who previously worked at Wyeth/Pfizer as a Director of Regulatory Affairs. In my job, I routinely edited complex scientific documents to simply them sufficiently for their intended audience. In my opinion, this pamphlet is far too technically complex for the general public.. They will not be able to plow through it and hence, it will not adequately address their fears. I would be happy to help pare it down. Please contact me if you’d like my detailed comments.

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